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How Do I Measure for Custom-Made Curtains & Drapes?, Guildford

Accurate measurements are crucial for custom-made curtains and drapes. Follow these steps to ensure your new window treatments fit perfectly and enhance your home.

Measuring for Width: Ensuring Full Coverage

To measure the width for custom-made curtains, start by determining the total width of the curtain rod. For a more luxurious and full look, the curtain width should be 1.5 to 3 times the width of the window. Begin by measuring the window from edge to edge and add a few extra inches on each side to account for the rod extension, which allows the curtains to fully cover the window and stack neatly when open. If you're using a single panel, measure the entire width you need; for multiple panels, divide the total width by the number of panels. Accurate width measurement ensures your curtains provide full coverage and a balanced appearance when drawn closed.

Measuring for Length: Achieving the Desired Look

The length of your custom-made curtains can dramatically influence the room's aesthetic. To determine the correct length, first decide how high you want to mount the curtain rod. For a taller, more elegant look, mount the rod closer to the ceiling, which can make the room feel more spacious. Measure from the top of the rod to the desired endpoint. For a clean, modern look, curtains should hang just above the floor. For a more traditional, luxurious feel, add extra length to allow the curtains to puddle slightly on the floor. Ensure to consider any hardware or rings that might add length. Accurate length measurement ensures your curtains hang beautifully, enhancing your room's style and functionality. By following these measurement tips, you can achieve a perfect fit for your custom-made curtains and drapes. Lucky Curtains & Blinds provides expert assistance to help you create the ideal window treatments for your home.

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How Do I Measure for Custom-Made Curtains & Drapes?, Guildford<br/>How Do I Measure for Curtains and Drapes Made to Order?, Guildford <br/>How Should I Measure for Drapes and Curtains Made to Order?, Guildford